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New Analog Timer

0 Fri 08, December 2017 in Spider News by spider
We are pleased to offer our new Analog Timer that allows us to change all parts out in the field. What this means is the consumer will no longer have to pay for a full timer replace just because the unit is no longer working correctly. The clock comes with a built in 7 day backup for power failures. We have added a float shut off, Mist Now Button for Misting between program sprays along with a tank empty light to show system is out of fluid. The mist seconds range from 3 to 100 seconds and the clock has 96 possible firing pins to pull out. Power Failure does not throw the system into the off mode like some timers on the market forcing you to do a manual reset.

 We would like to Thank All Our Customers for 18 Years of Business and Wish You and Your Family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
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