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0 Mon 30, June 2014 in Spider News by spider
Here at Spider Be Gone Systems, Inc we wanted to point out that a business doing online advertising is using our name. The Ad for Spider Be Gone that may appear on various sites when surfing is linked to
The company name is Biomist Pest Control, LLC and is not in any shape or form Spider Be Gone. Biomist Pest Control's whole website is very misleading and numerous claims not allowed by law when advertising Pesticides that are registered by the EPA. There is not a EPA Registered product on the market that allows the words Safe - All Natural - Non Toxic - Will Not Harm and Organic. Biomist Pest Control has been known to use a product called Vector Ban Plus which is a 10% Permethrin and 10% PBO and the label does not use any words listed above.  Products that use those words would be a 25b product and would be Exempt from EPA Registration. If you have any questions in regards to this topic feel free to contact Spider Be Gone Systems, Inc at (800) 299-8584
Last Modified: Mon 30, June 2014
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