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About Spider Be Gone

 We manufacture the Spider Be Gone system which is a automatic pesticide misting system used to control spiders, mosquitoes, flies, wasp, dirt daubers and many other types of pest. Over the years these systems have developed many different names and here are just a few they are called spider system, spider misting system, spider spray system, mosquito mister, mosquito spray system, fly spray system, barn mister and the list goes on. The first system was developed in 1972 by Pyranha, Inc for the purpose of controlling flies in barns. Over the years people saw the results of other pest effected by the pesticides in the barns and began installing the systems on or around the home to control many types of pest. We have been doing business since 1999 around the Lake Livingston area in Texas and we supply other companies our products for their business nationwide. To find a distributor of our products use our locate a dealer at bottom of page. We currently have distributors in Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri and Louisiana.  If you need more answers you may call us at (800) 299-8584 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Spider Be Gone Systems, Inc located in Trinity, TX services the counties of Walker, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Harris and Polk County. We also cover a few other areas that we once had a dealer in to continue to offer service to the customer until we find a new dealer for that area.

Certain states have restrictions for the sale or use of pesticide misting systems for Residential Applications so we therefore can not ship products to all states.

In most cases the pesticides being used in misting systems contain Pyrethrum and PBO - Permethrin and PBO or combination of Pyrethrum, Permethrin and PBO. These are minimal risk pesticides according to the EPA when used as directed and should never be advertised as All Natural, Safe, Organic or from Nature. Pyrethrum itself is extracted from certain flowers however PBO and other man made products are added to make it work therefore it is no longer All Natural. Permethrin is a man made Pyrethroid and should never be called Natural or Organic. If a business is advertising 100% All Natural then the product being used will not contain the above ingredients and the product will be classified as a 25B Pesticide which is classified as Exempt by the EPA. At no point should a person think just because a product is made from plant oils or natural products that it is harmless to people or pets because even certain plant oils are deadly to humans. At any time a business should be able to provide a copy of the MSDS on product they use along with a copy of the label. The Label on Pesticides is the law and anyone applying the pesticide must use in a manner according to the label.  If a company is advertising Safe and the word Safe is not found on Product Label they are violating advertisement laws and can be fined or more serious actions taken by the State Agency that handles False or Misleading Advertisement.

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